Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chevrolet on the Streets of New York

When we were at Disney last year I took this photo. At the time it looked like GM might be going under. Their prices are high, their warranties are short and their recent body styles are less than impressive.

That being said, my favorite car that I've owned was a Chevy Lumina Z34. My second favorite was a '69 Chevy Nova. I wish I still had them.

Anyways, I wasn't sure that we'd see Chevrolet signs around for much longer and thought we should take a photo to show the grandkids.

This building stands in the Streets of New York at Hollywood Studios. It's a fun place to roam around while you wait for the Lights, Motors, Action show to start. You can also score some WOD (World of Disney) New York pins that I wasn't able to find anywhere else in the parks.

What's your favorite spot to buy or trade pins?

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