Saturday, February 14, 2009

Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios

I don't think I'll ever attempt Hollywood Studios on Star Wars weekend again. Not even to see Warwick Davis ride in the parade. Imagine the park filled to capacity and then empty about 50 more bus loads of people into it.

That being said, I'm really glad I did once. It was completely worth it just to be greeted by the Storm Troopers on the roof of the entrance.

They said "I didn't realize there was so many royals on this planet."


"See all the tiny humans riding in carriages."

Strangely enough it was really easy to get onto Star Tours that day. Everyone was standing in line for autographs or Jedi School I guess. Anyways, I like the ride just fine except for the heat and that made me queasy. I think it would benefit from some air conditioning.

How about you?

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